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Cruiser Bike Buyer's Guide

Cruiser, Comfort, and casual bikes are remarkably effortless, fun, even elegant ways to get from Point A to Point B. They are the key to unlocking a previously unexplored world and finding new possibilities in your own backyard; every day can be an opportunity to roll down to your local boulangerie, hunt the side streets for a perfectly brewed espresso, or hit up your local Thursday night cruiser ride. And there are many options to choose from. Whether you are soaking in a sunset on a beach cruiser, taking a leisurely ride on a lowrider with the family, or pedaling to the local watering hole on a chopper bike, a cruiser as a way to unlock new joys and start finding the simple pleasures buried in your daily grind.

Leave the couch behind, start pedaling, and let your imagination run wild. You might cruise out of your neighborhood to find the glimmering Adriatic stretching to the horizon while a refreshing sea salt breeze blows in your face. As you ride over cobblestone streets and listen to bubbling laughter, the doldrums just wash away. But you’re not a machine: an Aperol spritz and selection of fine charcuterie are exactly what you need after a long ride. So you turn toward a small restaurant where you can watch the sun dip below the ocean. Tourists see you coming and nudge each other discreetly, the maître d' makes sure you get the best table in the place. And as the golden light glimmers and fades, you almost can’t wait to jump back on your cruiser to head back home in the cool night air.

Cruiser and comfort bikes generally come with two gearing options: a single gear for streamlined functionality or a selection of gears for improved efficiency. Bikes with multiple gears deliver superior climbing ability; and the more gears you have, the easier it will be for you to climb up and over hills. Bikes with a single gear can make hilly terrain more challenging, but their simple, low-maintenance design is a perfect fit for those who prefer the joy of riding to the hassle of upkeep.

Cruiser and comfort bikes come with two braking options: coaster brakes, located in the rear hub; and rim or disc brakes, accessible by levers located on the handlebars. Coaster brakes hark back to the days of your childhood, when stopping your bike just required a backward push on the pedals. They are highlighted by their extreme ease of use. Rim and cable brakes are controlled by levers located on the handlebars. They provide a greater level of modulation that is perfect for routes with more descending and technical terrain.

Express yourself! Make your cruisier match the fun-loving side of your personality with the perfect cruiser bike accessories. Performance bikes can be dull, metronomic machines, built only for the pursuit of speed. Cruisers are outlets for unbridled fun and self-expression—where colorful accessories go to shine. From stylish and understated to the flashiest bike on the path, whatever you desire is possible. A chic basket? A zebra-print saddle? A classy brass bell or a wacky honky horn? It’s all within your reach.

Cruiser bikes are the canvas upon which you can create an opus of self-expression, beauty, and extreme comfort. We’ll help you create a cruiser that perfectly suits your lifestyle: a stalwart companion for all your local adventures. Roll down a cobbled city street, putter through a sun-dappled park, or make your own tracks through a picturesque sandy beach. Find the cutting sartorial edge, or sit back and let your inner freak flag proudly fly. No matter your bent, we’ve got the bike and the add-ons to match your vision—just cruise on by.